filthy nasty slut

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My wife is so serious when it comes to play time, she goes in for the kill. She’s such a submissive perfect wife with me when we are alone. It’s good to see her being aggressive with the playmates I find for her. I pray she never changes what more could a black voyeur like myself want in a wife..

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I love to see the Mrs. Mesmerized.

I love to see the Mrs. Mesmerized.

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One of the best part about going on roadtrips is that the Mrs. will stop guys she finds attractive and ask them if they will take a picture with her. They always look at me like “HuH”, “Damn is it okay?”. So I smile and give the nod. She knows this turns me on.. She’ll see someone and say “Get out the Camera Daddy I’ll be right back”

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I feel like the only Ebony Man on Earth Trying to find an Ebony Cum Junky to marry.

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